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From: Steve Nison
and Ken Calhoun
Tuesday, 9:27 a.m.

Dear Active Trader,
        If you've ever wanted to "crack the code" of the well-hidden skills that Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun use to train active traders in... and confidently recognize the exact same patterns for yourself — then this can be one of the most exciting messages you'll read all year... and here's why:
      You'll sharpen your trading skills literally overnight once you get this comprehensive "video mentoring for active traders" system on DVD, directly from two of the industry's most popular trading figures in this powerfully designed, easy-to-use trading system for active swing and intraday traders.

        Once you tear open the huge box crammed full with 7 DVDs and eagerly start watching them on your TV (or computer), within just a few quick minutes you'll smile and say "ah hah!  So that's how they do it!"  As a matter of fact ...

The Battle's Raging On Between East and West...

       The simple truth is, many traders who've come to us for training have typically learned only one trading method... either Eastern Candlesticks, or Western-style trading with volume & bar charts.  But there's a much, much potentially better way to trade...

       Now for the first time ever, you'll get to see how these two "Trading Generals" combine the very best of both worlds, to deliver stunning new trading tactics, never before revealed to active traders. 

        You'll be amazed as you discover dozens of top trading secrets used by the world's best traders. We unearth these top trading tools, techniques and tricks for you one at a time, many revealed exclusively here for the first time ever to the general public.  

        The light bulbs will quickly come on as you "peek behind the curtain" and finally learn some of the most advanced (yet simple to use!) trading strategies ever uncovered... You'll get dozens of solid, specific trading tactics that you can learn from quickly.

        You've never seen anything like it before — you'll be amazed at what you didn't know (but now will, exposed for the first time)... you'll keep it to yourself once you discover the dozens of trading plays and strategies in these 13+ hours of dazzling new trading techniques...
What If You Could Learn These Strategies For YOURSELF,
By Quickly Seeing How To
Recognize Dozens of Subtle Trading Entry Signals That Most Traders Overlook Completely...?

You May Have Even Heard Whispers
About These 'Hidden Triggers' Used by
Top Trading Industry Pros Nison & Calhoun — Read On To Hear The Entire Fascinating "Inside Story" — Explained Here In Detail:
        It can be frustrating as heck to get into a trade and have it quickly go against you, isn't it? Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. It's agonizing and nerve-wracking.   Not to mention shockingly costly, when you screw up a trade.

        That's because most traders simply don't have their eyes tuned to spot the same patterns (called "hidden triggers", revealed by literally combining the candle patterns with intraday time & sales, volume and ADX patterns), and profit from them, the way that professional market makers and specialists do.   

        Wouldn't it be great to stay out of bad trades? And learn how to carefully choose the trade entries that we believe have the very best chance of potentially following through for you?

Joe Says The Traders' Secrets 7 DVD Trading System Helped Him

Joe Siano -
West Islip, NY
Traders' Secrets Owner
since January 2005
"Ken, I'm new to the market and the information I learned on the DVD course was invaluable!!!

I spotted the market top
and the end of Dec using the candle techniques I learned!

The scanning and entry techniques I learned have helped me...

I have been trading less than a year and consider myself lucky to have found this course.

Thanks to you and Steve I hope to avoid many of the mistakes I would have learned the hard way!!!"

Joe Siano - Active Trader

*No representation is being made nor implied that these results are typical, or that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is substantial risk of loss involved with all types of trading and you could lose a lot of money by day trading stocks. Only risk capital should be used.

     As Joe's quickly discovering, we reveal dozens of the same 'East plus West' pro trading signals that veteran traders use to manage their trades... (survivors know this game cold — and now you will, too!)

       The plain fact is, Traders' Secrets has been designed to help traders around the world see how to trade our favorite trading tactics.  

Here's the story:

        Grab your favorite beverage, sit down and prepare to be shocked by the revealing story you're about to read... and how it may even help you.

        How a breathtakingly no-BS, careful technical trading system was painstakingly taught to a small, select group of thrilled traders...

        Traders were blown away (and promptly impressed!) by all the "tricks of the trade" that they saw, during this exclusive trading "event-of-a-lifetime" opportunity...it was a recent 'clients-only' trading workshop held in a posh, private "east-meets-west" trading facility in Anaheim, California.

        And here, you'll be learning from dozens of new trading techniques that've never before been uncovered for the active trading community. Believe me, you don't want to miss it. You simply can't afford to be without these lethally advanced trading strategies...  
Using Your New Traders' Secrets Course Is Simple!  Simply Watch the DVDs As You Follow Along with Complete Charts and Extra Resources (All Included!) — It's Just That EASY... Here's How:

         Now, be sure to have 2 or 3 pencils handy to scribble down notes - I know you'll be hanging on every word, leaning forward intently, studying the new chart signals and penciling in tips to help you make that next trade.  You'll heave a big sigh of relief.   Finally - you've 'nailed it'!

         The secret is, these technical signals that are buried deep inside the candlestick, time & sales, gap and breakout chart patterns that most traders simply don't know even exist.     And one important difference is, average traders like you and I just haven't been trained to spot these.  
Until now.

        In fact, you're going to be so gung-ho after you watch these, you'll replay them instantly (or race to your computer!) and quickly start practicing how you'll use all of the jaw-dropping new trading tips and patterns you've just seen...it's just that fascinating.
        You can potentially start gaining rock-hard confidence in your trading, plus new-found advanced trading skills as you watch the first DVD... And the next one. And the next one.  Then it gets even better...

What Kind Of Trader Will Gain The MOST From All The
Trading Strategies That Are Revealed
In The Bestselling 7 DVD Traders' Secrets System?

      In case you're wondering if this system is right for you, we've got terrific news.   Steve and I teamed up ahead of time to carefully design Traders' Secrets™ to be appropriate for the widest possible audience of active traders ever — so it's superb for swing traders and intraday traders of all experience levels ...

       You'll be sure to find dozens of exceptionally useful strategies in this new system regardless of your trading background or experience level ... here's why:
  • Swing traders: If you swing trade stocks intraday to several days at a time, you'll learn dozens of pivot and breakout patterns (as well as which types of patterns to avoid!) explained step by step in breathtaking detail.

    Plus, you'll even learn exactly how to combine specific candlestick patterns with indicators like ADX, Bollinger Bands and 52-Week high continuation Volume breakouts for some of our best trading patterns available anywhere.

    You'll get highly concentrated (yet surprisingly simple to use!) trading tactics, made easy with crystal-clear, easy to follow charts and concise, well-explained strategies that you can put to work right now to hone in on your specific swing trading plays in the weeks to come. Plus, you'll be able to see what scanning tactics work best, every day — to help you potentially spot big trading moves before "the crowd" does.

  • Intraday traders: You'll learn how to use time & sales to improve your understanding of our day trading patterns (this can even help swing traders with timing their entries using volume and breakout signals).  Killer stuff — player material.

    As you learn the various sector and tape-reading tactics revealed here, you'll be astonished at the pattern drills and insightful questions that traders worldwide asked during this seminar -- and you get a front row seat as Ken and Steve "spill the beans" to share exactly what you need to know to help spot and manage intraday trades using our top patterns .

  • Frustrated traders:  Are you losing? Take some time off from trading, resolve to improve, and unlearn bad trading habits, replacing them with more professional tips and tactics, as you start looking for ways to adapt what you're learning to your own trading style with the proprietary trading strategies revealed in this precision trading course.

    Plus, you'll even see our favorite combinations of candlestick-based and momentum based risk management tactics, exposed and explained step by step.

    You'll find yourself eagerly looking forward to your next trade (once you learn the secrets to using our "false breakout" avoidance tactics, and misusing candles) — all revealed here for you in eye-opening detail.

  • New traders: New to trading and concerned that you're not getting the types of trade entries and results you were hoping for? We literally debunk the costly myths that appear in many of the overly-complex trading books out there by training you in exactly how to use dozens of easy-to-learn patterns and combinations of trade signals.  These have the instant potential to improve your trading knowledge, in just weeks.

    You'll get comprehensive training, in our "A-to-Z" trader training that will leave you breathless with excitement, and new knowledge "from the trenches".   We have the industry credibility - see why we've been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CBS Marketwatch, Active Trader Magazine, and elsewhere. You'll start learning the instant you start watching - it's just that powerful.  

  • Experienced traders: No matter how many years you've been trading (or think you've been trading!), you've never seen the exceptional combination of techniques that Nison and Calhoun share with you in this groundbreaking "Best of the East and the West" 7-DVD series.

    Your front row seat to the hottest trading ticket in town continues, as you see how to harness intraday and swing patterns plus easy-to-spot trading signals (hidden unless you know what to look for).  You'll see charts for
    explosive moves that you can scan for and trade, carefully explained and illustrated, so it makes total sense and is simple to follow along with, whether you're a new or experienced trader.

        For the first time ever, industry trading industry veterans Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun join forces to reveal the "Best of the East and the West" closely-guarded trading strategies, as they explain all the chart breakouts, candlesticks and gap plays (along with sectors and other market internals you've got to know), for how to combine our favorite market, chart and "tape reading" patterns for active traders.

        The secret to the astonishing popularity of this system in training active traders is this 1-2 punch, the
powerful, finely-tuned systematic "step-by-step" techniques that you'll learn for integrating both candle patterns PLUS the time & sales patterns for learning more about entries and exits ("tape reading", for those in the know).   

        Kind of like a mechanic showing you around under the hood of a car...and making subtle adjustments to transform an average ho-hum car into a turbo-charged racing machine.... a sleek, powerful Ferrari, for trading —  and it gets even better still...   

This Is Great News for You, Because You'll Gain an "Early Bird" Advantage Over Other Traders, Seeing These Precision Patterns Literally Deconstructed  Before They Do...!

        It's true that patterns lose their effectiveness over time, as more and more traders anticipate reversals and exit at the first sign of trouble in their trades... By grabbing your set of DVDs early, you'll be first to market with the awesome combination of techniques that are exposed here.

        And you'll enjoy an 'unfair advantage' over the crowd by seeing these latest precision trading techniques (combining both candlesticks with intraday tape reading/time & sales,
volume, ADX, gap and "power breakout" patterns) in an astonishingly candid, pull-no-punches comprehensive trading system that you can begin using immediately to learn how to trade...

        This is the amazing massive 7-DVD "Trading Course of the Year" that is about to turn the industry on it's ear — and now you can get your very own personal set. This complete, A-to-Z, step by step multimedia course shows you exactly how to trade the strongest patterns in any market....with total confidence.... Starting with your very next trade!

        Here's how it works:

        Imagine yourself using the very best proven patterns and strategies of these two respected industry veterans — combined for maximum learning potential — to take your knowledge of our top trading strategies to the next level. You can shortcut your learning process by years.   

         The 23 lucky attendees at this breakthrough seminar flew in from around the world, paid as much as $1495 to attend (even double that, if you include their travel and hotel costs) and rated it a near-perfect 9.85 out of 10 once they saw the breathtaking, hard-core traders' secrets revealed in 2 action-packed days of intensive trader training.   They cheered out loud.   And so can you...

Start Learning All the Practical, Yet Advanced New Breakout Techniques Delivered To You That You'll Be Able
To Learn from Immediately

Each Part Of Your Traders' Secrets System Has Been Carefully Designed To Help You Learn Exactly How Our Popular
Trading "Mechanics of the Trade" Techniques Work

        Now you can see everything our seminar traders saw (and even more - we recorded new footage after the seminar, that even seminar attendees didn't get, but you will!) in this sizzling new DVD course...

        You're about to get
the best secrets of candlesticks, intraday breakouts and more in this very carefully designed trading system that you'll start using
the minute you unwrap it.  And we had 2 cameramen there to capture the entire amazing seminar...   

        This is, of course, great news if you weren't able to attend.. or if you just couldn't come up with the outrageous cash required to "buy your way in" to this exclusive event. You won't have to shell out for airfare, or hotel rooms, or food, or take time off from work, either.

        Just a sidenote, we had ZERO refunds for this workshop. We offered a 100% money back guarantee that seminar attendees would be completely, totally thrilled with the astonishing tactics we revealed during this exclusive trading event.   

       Guess what? We had not ONE refund request. It was simply that good. Traders who flew in from all over the world to see this event liked it so much our email inbox quickly filled up with with "when can I get the videos?" requests.  And now you can see what they did, and more!

       Just look how satisfied one trader, Mike Bianca was with this system:



Mike Says "It Is Absolutely The Best
Investment I Ever Made"

Mike Bianca -
Tampa, FL
Traders' Secrets Owner
since Feb 2006
"Dear Mr. Nison,

It is absolutely the best investment I ever made.

I wish I had this knowledge years ago.. better late than never!

In my opinion they are the real deal and I can't thank you enough. My friends think I'm a genius - I wish I could take credit.

My sincerest thanks again."

Mike Bianca - Active Trader

*No representation is being made nor implied that these results are typical, or that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is substantial risk of loss involved with all types of trading and you could lose a lot of money by day trading stocks. Only risk capital should be used.

        They are eager to get their own personal set of the smoking-hot 7 DVDs from this tell-all trading event. And you will be too, once you learn how to leverage these "east meets west" tactics in your trading (best part is, we make it easy, with all the examples you'll see!).

        You can even watch what seminar attendees had to say for themselves
, in the actual video testimonials below.      And now you're about to get a front row ticket to the hottest trading seminar event in town... captured on video for you to keep.

Watch the Preview Video Clips Below for Just a Taste of the Professional Traders' Secrets You're About to Learn From....

        Simply click on the buttons below to see several revealing minutes of actual footage from each of these hard-hitting traders' DVDs. Enjoy watching the preview clips here; we're ready to reveal why these 7 DVDs literally blow away the boring, basic trading videos you may have seen elsewhere... this is player material from the street — stuff you just can't get anywhere else.

      Traders are wildly enthusiastic
about owning this trading system... because it delivers the exact pinpoint, laser-targeted trading tactics that many of our traders have been looking for.   Just look at the newfound confidence that Greg Mohr, one of our Traders' Secrets owners, experienced after learning from this amazing new trading system:

Greg Proclaims It's "Simply The BEST TRAINING FOR
TRADING I Have Ever Seen", and Says It's "Helped Me
Get In and Out of Trades with CONFIDENCE!"...

Greg Mohr -
Morrison, CO
Traders' Secrets Owner
since Jan 2005
"Some of the most important learning's were: pattern recognition, tape reading(time and sales), entry as well as exit timing(profit and capital preservation strategies), and quick scanning for tradable charts.

My biggest improvement came in seeing and believing how well candlestick patterns can predict likely future direction most of the time.

These new skills have helped me get in and out of trades with confidence!

The 7 DVD course is simply the best training for trading I have ever seen. Ken and Steve make it very understandable."
Greg Mohr - Active Trader
*No representation is being made nor implied that these results are typical, or that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is substantial risk of loss involved with all types of trading and you could lose a lot of money by day trading stocks. Only risk capital should be used.

         You'll be able to quickly grasp how surprisingly useful the strategies are as you watch them, pencil in hand and brain in full gear to learn how to trade. Legendary candlestick pro Steve Nison joins forces with popular trading industry trainer Ken Calhoun to pry open the chest to reveal all-new precision trading strategies you can watch right now. Especially for active traders.

         It's a life's work, packed into one dynamite package of techniques, strategies and trading tips — and now you've got the perfect opportunity to watch them — and put everything in this treasure chest of trading tips to work helping you learn our favorite trading strategies, exactly like a coach helping a world-class "trader in training" learn the art of the game... we hope you're as thrilled with this system as our other system owners have been... order right now...

...but you've got to hurry.   You'll see why, below...


Seminar Attendee Video Testimonial -
Allan "Highly Recommends" It, Enthusiastically...!

Allan says "I've learned so much!.. Your ability to take advantage of the moves at the right time to make the most amount of profit...is so important...! highly recommend to all traders..."
-Allan Schroeder

Click the "play" button to watch this Traders' Secrets video Success Story  =>

Astonishing Advanced Swing and Intraday Stock Trading Tactics That Highly-Skilled Traders Know Finally Revealed... Grab These Instant 'Short-Cut' Trading Tactics on 7 DVDs —
All Yours To Swipe Now on Video You Can Watch at Home!"

        And...In less than 7 days from now (the time it takes to rush-ship your Traders' Secrets System to you via airmail) .. YOU could be watching the ONLY videos ever produced that reveal ALL of these astonishingly strong candlestick, swing and intraday plays - in the simplest and clearest training session you've ever seen or experienced.   

Check out what you're about to learn:

Above: See the first 3 of 7 DVDs in the "Traders' Secrets" 7-DVD System featuring renowned candlestick trading expert Steve Nison, with additional "how to" trading tips by Ken Calhoun.
DVD Volume 1:
"Candlesticks for Active Traders:
The Basics and Beyond"

Click the "play" button
to see a brief sample of
what you'll be learning in
this trading DVD #1 

Here's Just a Small Sample of the Trading Strategies
You'll Discover On DVD Volume 1...

  • See how potentially profitable your trades can become once you harness the power of the strongest candle patterns (this practical video goes beyond the basics, you'll learn exactly how to trade these astonishing patterns, as Steve explains it all!).
  • How to avoid the ways in which traders typically misuse the candlesticks (and you'll learn how to replace that with the most powerful candle patterns that Nison has taught just to the seminar attendees, which you'll see revealed on DVD).
  • How to spot turns and pivots using what you learn as Steve debunks the myths that traders have about candlesticks (plus gives you all the hottest patterns you need to know, explained accurately for you to see). This is must-get stuff you're about to learn.
  • Easy to Use:
    All 7 DVDs feature a specially-developed professional "point and click" menu which makes it simple for you to instantly access your favorite parts of each DVD, in handy chapter format - now it's easy to instantly click to your favorite parts for review and study! No more fast-forwarding to try and find the tips you need - it's all easily accessed chapter by chapter!
DVD 1 Video Chapter List:   Running Time 2 hours, 20 minutes
Featuring Steve Nison w/additional intraday comments by Ken Calhoun
  • Welcome
  • Seminar Warmup
  • Getting Started
  • Candlestick Basics
  • Spinning Top
  • Doji Patterns
  • Using Shadows
  • Hammers
  • Hanging Man
  • Shooting Star
  • Falling Off the Roof
  • Crack and Snap

Trader is "Quite Pleased"... Calls it "Excellent!"

Trader raves "I've been quite pleased with the course...Excellent at showing the very high probability patterns, the continuation patterns, the gap downs...excellent course!"

Click the "play" button to watch this Traders' Secrets video Success Story  =>

DVD Volume 2:
"Trading the Candlesticks:
Entry and Exit Signals

Click the "play" button
to see a brief sample of
what you'll be learning in
this trading DVD #2

Here's Just a Small Sample of the Trading Strategies
You'll See How To Use On DVD Volume 2...

  • How to trade using Steve's #1 favorite candlestick pattern, including plenty of tips and examples for intraday and swing trading using it (this alone is worth getting the DVD course for and reveals the single best pattern to trade!).
  • See exactly how to use Western technical trading signals including Volume, Oscillators, Bollinger Bands and more, in combination with candle patterns.
  • Get the inside scoop on how you can use "Falling Windows" in combination with doji to spot hidden support and resistance levels.
  • How to use "Island Tops and Bottoms" (the stunning "double gap") patterns to identify pivot entries, explained with crystal clear examples you can begin using immediately.
  • How you can use oscillators such as stochastic crossovers and bullish/bearish divergence patterns for identifying entries.
  • Discover how engulfiing patterns should be used (and what not to do!) for fine-tuning your entries using shooting stars, converging signals and outside reversal patterns (all explained with no-nonsense clear charts for you to use).
    DVD 2 Video Chapter List:   Running Time 2 hours, 30 minutes
    Featuring Steve Nison w/additional intraday comments by Ken Calhoun
    • Engulfing Patterns
    • Dark Cloud Cover
    • Piercing Pattern
    • Windows
    • Negative Selection
    • Candles In Context
    • Falling Windows
    • Island Tops & Bottoms
    • Midway Gaps
    • Western Technicals
    • East & West
    • Oscillators
    • Head & Shoulders
    • Change of Polarity
    • Moving Averages
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Volume
    • Pattern Recognition
    BONUS - Intraday Candlesticks Part I (Nison & Calhoun):
    AET COF DNA GOOG INSP Trading Pattern Techniques

Bill Finds "Most Powerful" Patterns, Highly Recommends!

Bill says "I found the most powerful reversal patterns...the market internals, what the strongest patterns you need to learn are... Highly Recommend...!"

Click the "play" button to watch this Traders' Secrets video Success Story  =>

DVD Volume 3:
"Insider Secrets for Trading Intraday Candlesticks"

Click the "play" button
to see a brief sample of
what you'll be learning in
this trading DVD #3

Here's Just a Small Sample of the Trading Strategies
You'll Be Learning On DVD Volume 3...


  • How to trade using intraday chart patterns by using the signals that are not available on daily charts (this can dramatically improve swing traders' entries, by seeing these simple yet astonishingly strong patterns exposed!).
  • How to uncover "hidden" support and resistance levels using carefully deconstructed intraday candle chart patterns (you'll be blown away as you see Steve expertly tear apart and explain these charts for you one at a time).
  • How to combine intraday signals with longer time frame support and resistance levels (these powerful multi-timeframe combinations literally take you by the hand to help you see exactly how to pull together the daily with intraday charts to help you see explosive new entry and exit levels!).
  • Techniques for becoming a "market chameleon" (the perfect approach to adapting your pattern recognition skills to help you see where to get in and where to stay out!)... Plus, you'll see the importance of knowing exactly how to use the candles correctly for your entries.
    DVD 3 Video Chapter List:   Running Time 1 hour, 25 minutes
    Featuring Steve Nison w/additional intraday comments by Ken Calhoun
    • Engulfing Patterns & Windows
    • Intraday Signals -
      Longer Timeframes
    • Harnessing Intraday Chart Signals
    • Timing
    • Trading Before Confirmation
    • Market Chameleon
    • Risk/Reward
    • Quiz Charts
    • Conclusion
    BONUS - Intraday Candlesticks Part II (Nison & Calhoun):
    APOL ASKJ SEPR S ZMH Trading Pattern Techniques


Pictured above, you can see a closeup-view of the next stunning 4 DVDs in the "Traders' Secrets" 7-DVD System feature industry pro Ken Calhoun, with additional commentary by Steve Nison. Plus, DVD 7 even contains bonus footage from both Ken and Steve.

David Says He's "Very Happy" with all the
Precise Information in Traders' Secrets, Finds it to
be "Consistent, Accurate, and Professional"

David Kotz -
York, PA
Traders' Secrets member
since Dec 2005
"I am very happy with the precise information provided in the 7DVD Traders' Secrets course.

Ken's format is direct, accurate, and applicable every trading day.


Consistent, accurate, professional - spend your time studying correct information.

Thanks Ken - you are a rare talent."

David Kotz - Active Trader

*No representation is being made nor implied that these results are typical, or that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is substantial risk of loss involved with all types of trading and you could lose a lot of money by day trading stocks. Only risk capital should be used.


DVD Volume 4:
"Breakout Day Trading Indicators and Patterns"

Click the "play" button
to see a brief sample of
what you'll be learning in
this trading DVD #4

Here's Just a Small Sample of the Trading Strategies
That Can Help Your Trading On DVD Volume 4...


  • How to set up your trading monitors for intraday and swing trading (for the first time ever, Ken reveals exactly what to put on your monitors and how to use it, step by step....it's not what you think!)
  • How to trade using 4 different gap chart patterns and how to spot entry triggers, use trailing stops and more (this thoughtful explanation will show you specific tactics revealed here for you with dozens of charts!)
  • How to trade using 4 top breakout and breakdown patterns to help you spot specific trading entry and exits points (watch as Ken literally deconstructs these charts, relentlessly drilling the audience of eager traders as they are shown the amazing breakout patterns they'll be using for the rest of their lives -- including all the places and signals not to enter — these are useful breakout trading tips revealed here for intraday and swing traders).
  • Complete trading strategies explained for day and swing traders, using specific recent chart pattern gap and breakout entries, carefully described so you can follow along and see exactly what you should be looking for in your next trade.

    DVD 4 Video Chapter List:   Running Time 2 hours, 10 minutes
    Featuring Ken Calhoun w/additional trading comments by Steve Nison
    • Traders' Introductions, Q&A
    • Day & Swing Trading Strategy Overview: Using 2-Day Open
      Range Breaks, Swing Trading ADX/DMI 10-Day Volume Breakouts
    • How to Set Up Your System Indicators:
      2-Day Intraday Candlestick Chart, TRIN, Sectors, Volume,
      Time & Sales and more
    • Gaps & Breakouts w/Chart Pattern Drills:
      How to Set Entry & Exit Triggers, Avoid False Breakouts and more
    • 8 Primary Trading Patterns Revealed: How to Trade the 4 Strongest Gap Patterns & 4 High-Volatility Breakout Patterns 

See How One Trader Gets The Trading Signals He Needs

Trader "Gets exit signals using candlestick signals " ...and uses "market internals to determine whether to trade or not to trade..... to find individual stocks that are setting themselves up best for a trade that day!"

Click the "play" button to watch this Traders' Secrets video Success Story  =>

DVD Volume 5:
Swing Trading Secrets: 10-Day ADX Breakouts

Click the "play" button
to see a brief sample of
what you'll be learning in
this trading DVD #5

Here's Just a Small Sample of the Trading Strategies
For Maximum-Moving Swing Trades On DVD Volume 5...


  • How to use Ken's proprietary 10-Day ADX Swingtrading Breakout system to scan for and identify his favorite breakout patterns, fully discussed in detail here for the first time ever (including dozens of chart examples to help you learn it quickly!)
  • How to spot 52-week high swing trading entry patterns (and the must-know minimum trading range volatility indicator) to help you avoid swing trade charts that many other traders might otherwise enter incorrectly.
  • Exact strategies explaining how to set entry triggers for swing trading charts you'll be seeing (including gap continuations as well as breakouts). Long requested by the trading community, these specific strategies and illustrated charts are finally revealed step by step for you.
  • Interactive swing trading chart pattern drills (dozens of them!) review all the charts and entry triggers, how to set them and make the trade, how to filter out choppy charts, plus dozens of tips and answers to traders' actual questions at the seminar, all exposed for you to learn from.
DVD 5 Video Chapter List:   Running Time 1 hour, 45 minutes
Featuring Ken Calhoun w/additional trading comments by Steve Nison
  • Swing Trading 10-Day ADX Breakouts: The System Explained
  • Swing Trading Interactive Chart Entry Patterns Part 1
  • Swing Trading Interactive Chart Entry Patterns Part 2
  • Swing Trading Interactive Chart Entry Patterns Part 3
  • Swing Trading Interactive Chart Entry Patterns Part 4


Andreas Says it's a "Great 2-Day Seminar"

"Much more likely to succeed.... work to combine the intraday intraday candle patterns with the daily to find entry and exit points, and complement that with Ken's methods...to see which patterns are more likely to work than the others... Great 2-day seminar!"

Click the "play" button to watch this Traders' Secrets video Success Story  =>
DVD Volume 6:
Precision Tape Reading Strategies:
Profiting with Time and Sales

Click the "play" button
to see a brief sample of
what you'll be learning in
this trading DVD #6

Here's Just a Small Sample of the Trading Strategies
You'll Be Trained How To Use On DVD Volume 6...


  • How to see "precision trading entry" tactics, by learning all of our techniques for using time and sales for tape reading your entries and exits (tape reading has long been one 'edge' that professional traders use to spot entries; now you can see tape reading strategies revealed!).
  • How to combine the NASDAQ-100 with the TRIN and the time & sales patterns for the stock you're following to spot instant price action tape breakouts (plus all the 'landmines' and red flags that you've got to be able to spot to help potentially keep you out of false breakouts!).
  • Tape reading strategies that swing traders can use, revealed here for the first time ever, for improving their entry breakouts with the help of the time & sales pattern for their entries (you'll be astonished at how much is exposed for you by using precision tape-reading strategies for swing and day trades!).
  • How to use the sizes ratio, share size, volume breakouts and more with the help of the time & sales indicator (as explained here fully, using easy-to-follow examples and explanations!)
DVD 4 Video Chapter List:   Running Time 1 hour, 5 minutes
Featuring Ken Calhoun w/additional trading comments by Steve Nison
  • Tape Reading Using Sizes Ratio
  • Tape Reading Using Trailing Stops
  • Using the Emini & Scaling Out Half Positions
  • Additional Tape Reading Strategies
  • Tape Reading for Swing Trading & More

Trader Says Techniques "Work Really Well Together"

"I learned to identify the different charts, how to avoid charts with more risk potential... Absolutely I would recommend it...combine Steve's candlestick techniques with Ken's techniques, they work really well together..."

Click the "play" button to watch this Traders' Secrets video Success Story  =>

DVD Bonus Volume 7:
Extra Video Live Seminar Footage

Click the "play" button
to see a brief sample of
what you'll be learning in
this trading DVD #7

Here's Just a Small Sample of the Trading Strategies
That Are Revealed On DVD Volume 7...

  • Featuring bonus seminar footage taken by a second professional videographer, this DVD reveals additional information and "closeup views" of the seminar for both Steve and Ken - you'll love it!
DVD 4 Video Chapter List:   Running Time 2 hours, 15 minutes
Featuring Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun
  • Traders' Video Testimonials
  • Steve Nison: Bonus Footage Part 1
  • Steve Nison: Bonus Footage Part 2
  • Ken Calhoun: Bonus Footage Part 1
  • Ken Calhoun: Bonus Footage Part 2  

Trader "Absolutely Recommends it"

"Really good insights on using candlesticks on an intraday and swing basis....systematic structure of different patterns....absolutely recommend, hands-on, interactive.."

Click the "play" button to watch this Traders' Secrets video Success Story  =>


If You Missed Out on this Once-In-A-Lifetime Active Traders' Workshop, Now Here's a 2nd Chance to Grab Your Very Own
Personal "Front Row Seat" — And Start Learning It This Week!

        Who else wants to start seeing the trading strategies revealed for grabbing huge intraday and swing trading moves, from the comfort of your own home?   You should, and here's four great reasons why...

        The true power behind successful trading is based on a solid understanding of which patterns work the most consistently, and why they work. Then capitalizing on these signals instantly by making potentially profitable trading decisions and managing risk like a professional trader does.

        Arm yourself with the knockout one-two punch of powerful combination patterns and techniques that Nison and Calhoun reveal to you, together for the first time in one room.

       Traders who attended this closed-door event walked away prepared to trade with the most lethal, finely-tuned trading strategies they'd seen anywhere — and now you can SEE how it works for yourself, in the privacy of your own home.

        It will be an unforgettable, mind-sharpening experience that you'll value for the rest of your trading career. And you'll refer back to these 7 DVDs time and time again to help you in the weeks ahead...


Getting Started With Traders' Secrets™ Is Easy:
Just 3 Simple Steps and You're On Your Way!

You'll want to get started immediately.   We've put together a quick and easy process to help you get the most from your 7-DVD trading system, so you can start using it instantly...

Step 1: Once You Receive Your DVDs, (we'll rush them to you via airmail as soon as we get your order), grab a notepad and watch these one at a time, jotting down brief "how to" tactics that you'll be learning about as they're revealed on video.

Step 2: Develop a 'Quick-Start' Trading Plan: an important part of trading successfully is developing a consistent step by step plan that tells you exactly how to trade, which signals to use, and how to manage risk. Plus, how to capitalize on the best patterns the instant you see them. The key is to start simple, then gradually add more and more "signal strength" by combining patterns and signals. You'll learn exactly what to do.

Step 3: Test and Improve Your Trading Patterns: as you test out various patterns, you'll start discovering which signals produce the most consistent trade entries and exits for your individual trading style. You'll learn the process we use to develop entry and exit signals, how to avoid false breakouts, how to "scale in and out of positions", and much more. This is carefully designed to help you get better entries with your trades...

Here's yet another taste of what you'll be feasting on in this sumptuous, immensely practical step-by-step trading system for active traders:

How to quickly spot early reversals and pivots — you'll put the stunning power of intraday candle patterns with momentum time & sales tape-reading plays for precision entries and exits to work for you, like professionals do!
Where to find the strongest gap and breakout patterns (in 20 minutes or LESS!) that you can enter for some of the potentially best trades ever (once you learn this scanning technique, you'll never go back to your old trading style again)!
How to quickly scan through dozens of charts to pick out the very strongest day and swing trading patterns...(these simple-to-use strategies and "8 types of trading patterns"can immediately save you hours of time each week and help you save your trading capital for the juiciest trade patterns in the market - killer stuff!)
Step by step strategies you can use to potentially make HUGE, lasting improvements to your trading skills in as little as 72 hours (it can be easier, once you learn the specific signals and patterns...)
Secrets to selectively trading the open range breakouts and gaps that other traders fail to spot in time (or even worse, trade in the wrong direction!) ...and how to confirm entries using easy-to-spot candlestick and market internal signals (signals that many traders completely miss out on..giving you the advantage!)
...And that's is just the tip of the iceberg! You get 7 massive DVDs, over 805 minutes (that's 13+ hours!) packed with useful new strategies... all delivered to your doorstep.
Thanks To Her Trader's Secrets System, Sarah Now Reports That She's "LEARNED So MUCH" From The System

Sarah Erbaugh -
Livonia, MI
Traders' Secrets member
since Feb 2005
"Ken, I have had the Traders' Secrets DVD Course for 1 week, and have learned so much...

I am familiar with Steve's work on candlecharts; have found it most useful, and have integrated some of his favorites into my trading.

This is my first exposure to your trading methods for day and swing trading...Several lessons I have learned already, as a swing trader primarily.


Your idea of making the stock meet our criteria, given good market internals is something that I am working on.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us...!"

Sarah Erbaugh - Active Trader

*No representation is being made nor implied that these results are typical, or that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is substantial risk of loss involved with all types of trading and you could lose a lot of money by day trading stocks. Only risk capital should be used.

        We love hearing satisfied traders report back once they've learned from our Traders' Secrets System owners - trading the markets successfully is difficult (kind of like walking through a financial minefield of Wall Street tactics used by floor traders to grab money from unsuspecting home traders with all the stop-outs they cost us), so anything we can do to help traders learn our trading strategies is helpful , like Sarah has.   Now it's your turn to learn for yourself...
        Now before you order, we thought you might want to get answers to some of the questions that other Traders Secrets System owners asked, so here's a handy list of Frequently-Asked Questions for your review:


FAQs: Answers to Questions You May Have
About the "Traders' Secrets" 7-DVD Trading System

Got Questions?   Here's answers to help...

FAQ:   How is this course different from Steve and Ken's other videos I already have?

You'll learn Steve Nison's top intraday and swing trading techniques and patterns (plus little-known technical trading tips that left even the most jaded, experienced traders at the seminar with their jaws dropping in astonishment — they saw advanced tactics reserved for our very best private clients only, revealed one powerful tactic at a time).

From Ken Calhoun, you'll get exclusive tape-reading and swing trading techniques never before published on video. Deconstructed and well-explained, one pattern and strategy at a time.

Also note this is primarily for ACTIVE STOCK TRADERS (not eminis, not forex, not commodities, options nor overseas non-NASDAQ/NYSE markets).

This groundbreaking new professional trading system is highly specialized and provides a combination of techniques - pro trading moves you've probably never seen before are revealed as both Steve and Ken comment on each other's strategies and take you by the hand, as you learn exactly how they work together for explosive, precision trading. It's truly the "Best of the East and the West".

Both men put their heads together to develop the very best trading strategies for this groundbreaking new seminar - and you get to benefit, once you discover all the top trading strategies revealed, step by step for you to start using!

Plus, you'll even get extra videos the seminar attendees didn't get, revealing hidden patterns for intraday trading that can make a huge difference in your trading precision and entry/exit manangement. This is "must get" stuff for every serious active trader.

Ken and Steve worked like maniacs "behind the scenes" to pack this extra content (see it in DVD's 2 and 3) so you'll get the latest trading strategies never before seen elsewhere. You'll get the best-kept confidential trade analyses of 8 new patterns, complete with how-to tips shared with you from both traders.

FAQ:   Can I order individual DVDs to break up the set?
No - the combination of techniques that are covered build upon each other, so the entire set of DVDs is needed to learn the system. It's like asking if you could order a single chapter out of your latest favorite book; it won't make sense unless you watch the entire seminar series (Yes - it's that powerful!).

FAQ:    Is this hard to learn, or can I start using it quickly?
We've designed this to meet the needs of new through experienced professional traders, so you'll get a wide range of content and techniques you can instantly begin using easily to help improve your trading skills.

The breathtakingly well-explained patterns are easy to follow as Steve and Ken "deconstruct" the patterns and the technicals behind dozens of trading situations, so you can easily see how to put this to work as you learn how the patterns all work together.

Bonus: We've set up the DVDs so that they have easy-to-navigate menus with "bite sized" chunks of several minutes to a half hour each - so it's simple to breeze through the techniques and reference back to them in an instant. No more long searches for specific patterns - they're all instantly and easily available at the click of your remote (see the video previews above).

FAQ: How long are the DVDs, all together? Total running time: 13 hrs 25 minutes (805 minutes) . This is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use trading course you'll ever need. It's designed to provide complete directions and patterns to help you.

FAQ:   Will these play on my Region (1,2,3) DVD player / pc?
Yes, these are region-free and may be played on any DVD player anywhere in the world.

FAQ:   Why is this system priced priced so low?
Although normally, trading systems like this (a full 13 hours!), are priced in the $1500-$1995 range, these videos aren't exactly "broadcast quality"... in fact, we hadn't planned on releasing this special footage to the public at all... but our traders demanded it!  

The video is downright "rough" in spots...it was filmed from one of our traders who captured it on video for us...
that doesn't matter much, because the content's amazingly useful. But we wanted you to know not to expect polished, high-end video footage -- this is "real live footage" captured for you.

FAQ:   What's your return policy? As with amazon.com and other sites that sell software and video media that could be copied, we do not offer a money back guarantee; however we will replace any defective media if for any reason your DVDs do not play correctly for you. Simply return the DVDs to us (contact us first for an RMA number) and we'll rush-send you a replacement set.

FAQ:   How do I find out more about Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun?
You may find out more about Steve at his site: www.candlecharts.com
You may find out more about Ken at his site: www.daytradinguniversity.com

FAQ:   I can't see the streaming videos above, I just see blank space - how do I watch these? Make sure you have the latest Flash player installed in your browser: just visit http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer
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"OK, Steve and Ken, I've Seen Enough!
Gimme Traders' Secrets NOW!"
     You might think twice about Traders' Secrets once you see the price tag. Though many of our traders (especially the ones who ponied up the whopping $1000+ a head to attend the live seminar), think Steve and I should be charging at least that much for the videos.  

     At first, Steve and were thinking of putting a fair $1495 or even $1,995 price tag on the course.  It would still be the "deal of the year" for active traders, and we could sell it for that amount.   But fortunately, we're not.  

      It's still quite expensive...But for a very good reason.

      This is the first time ever that Steve Nison's Eastern candle patterns have been combined with the awesome power of savvy, lightning-fast Western intraday "day traders mechanics"...because learning how they work together can be the single most important turning point in your trading career...:  

       1. Remember, we don't want everyone out there to grab our best
           proprietary trading secrets, so we're limiting each edition that we
           make available for sale.  

       Trader's Secrets proprietary approach, featuring the "Best of the East and the West", offers you precision "rapid fire technical trading" — and it can help you see for yourself exactly how our trading patterns work.  Whether you're a swing trader or you trade intraday, Traders' Secrets can potentially help you see how to use these patterns in your own trades.

       So if you have any interest in joining the elite group of traders in the Traders' Secrets System, you really need to GET YOUR SYSTEM RIGHT NOW.... Don't put it off — here's how to get your trading system today:

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         Produced by Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun to help today's active traders. Get your system right now so you can see the combination of Steve and Ken's top trading techniques for yourself!


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